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Telescopes are optical instruments that use curved mirrors and lenses to observe objects at a distant place.

Telescopes are important devices in astronomy used to see different distant objects by their reflection or emission of electromagnetic radiation.

Basically, two types of telescopes exist :

  • Reflectors
  • Refractors

Primum divisit

The type of telescope is usually determined by the “objective,” which is the part of this device that gathers the light.

Neutrum vero

A refractor telescope has a glass lens, which acts as its “objective.”




Before the invention of the telescope, people had a different view of the universe.


They thought the universe was big but had no idea about its size.


The invention of telescopes and their usage in the field of astronomy opened new ways.


Astronomers began to implement these devices that helped a lot in their research.


Telescopes showed scientists the universe has more stars and cosmic bodies than they had previously thought.

View of the Sky

High-quality telescopes have been created. They can provide a better view of the sky.

Space is Great.

Make sure you fully understand the association between astronomy and telescopes and get the most out of it.
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